In-House Laboratory

Our full suite of in-house laboratory equipment allows us to get answers in a timely fashion and manage our hospitalized patients more accurately and effectively. It also increases convenience for our clients; both in terms of rapid results and because it allows us to do preoperative lab work the same morning of surgery.

Veterinary Tonopen

Alder Creek Veterinary offers Tonopen technology which allows the non-invasive measurement of intraocular pressure for all species of animals. In the past, most veterinarians would have to refer pets to a veterinary ophthalmologist in order to measure changes in the pressure within the eye. Now, we are able to measure intraocular pressure in less than a minute and do it without discomfort to our patients. This technology allows us to quickly and painlessly diagnose ocular disease and prescribe the correct treatments immediately; thus, providing better medicine to you and your pet.

Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor

Another great diagnostic tool available to us is our Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor. The blood pressure monitor is an instrument that combines a blood pressure monitor and a pulse oximeter. Although we have been using another oxygen saturation monitor on all of our anesthetized patients, the addition of a blood pressure monitor will help our patients in two ways. First, we will no longer have to send our patients to a referral center or alternate hospitals for testing. Secondly, we will be able to more closely monitor all cases of hypertension, cardiac disease, and any other cases that require intensive monitoring. This instrument is a tremendous addition to our already superlative diagnostic capabilities.

Abdominal Ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound allows the user to fully examine the liver, gall bladder, spleen, adrenal glands, kidneys, pancreas, and most parts of the digestive tract. Unlike surgical exploration, ultrasound is painless, can be done most often without anesthesia, and allows the operator to see “through” the organ and not just its superficial condition.

Ultrasound has revolutionized the study of liver disease by being able to locate lesions within the liver and guiding a biopsy device directly to the lesion from which a tissue sample can be taken. (Surgical biopsy is limited to what can only be seen on the surface of the liver). This technique does require limited anesthesia. This offers our patients better liver diagnostics and less pain and recovery time.

Cardiac Ultrasound

The heart is an incredibly complex organ composed of four valves, an electrical conduction system, and four chambers, all of which are crucial to its proper functioning. As with people, animals suffer from a wide variety of heart disease. In order to correctly diagnose and treat these diseases, it is necessary to see inside the heart, visualize the movement of the chambers, and to look at the valves in motion.

This is the area where ultrasound predominates. Ultrasound allows the doctor to measure valves and contractilivity, as well as to monitor the affects of medications. Most heart diseases are very treatable, and in most cases, animals can live normal lives once the nature of their condition is under control.

ECG (Electrocardiograph)

The ECG is yet another great compliment to Alder Creek Veterinary’s array of diagnostic equipment. The ECG allows our doctor to view the impulses of the heart as they happen. Watching and analyzing these impulses assists our doctor in the diagnosis of heart rhythm and rate disturbances, as well as evaluating the thickness and conductivities of certain portions of the heart. Combined with diagnostic cardiac ultrasound and blood pressure, we can much more accurately diagnose problems in our patients.