Preventative Medicine

Alder Creek Veterinary Hospital’s primary objective is to keep your pets healthy and prevent illness before it begins. With the proper use of up-to-date vaccine protocols, routine physical exams, dental prophylaxis, and geriatric screenings, we are able to increase the longevity and quality of your pets’ lives.

Exotic Animal Medicine

We are able to provide care for many species in addition to dogs and cats. These species include ferrets, rabbits, rodents, and other small mammals. We know that even the smallest pets are important to your family and deserve the best care.

Complete Diagnostic and Surgical Services

If something unfortunate should happen to your furry family members, then we are well equipped to diagnose and treat the malady as quickly as possible. State of the art in-house chemistry and blood analyzers, radiology, ultrasonography and a blood pressure monitor are just a few of the many diagnostic and treatment services available. If surgical intervention is needed, rest assured that your pet will be well cared for by our doctor who has over 19 years of experience. Our surgical suite, with top of the line monitoring equipment, provides a safe, sterile, and effective environment for our surgical procedures. In addition, we also preform routine toe nail trims and ear examinations during every surgery.

Avian Grooming

We also offer nail, beak and wing trims that are tailored to fit the needs of your feathered family members.

Early Morning Drop-offs

Another great option to accommodate the busy lifestyle is our early morning drop- offs. After a drop-off appointment is made with our staff, you may bring your animal in as early as 8:00 a.m. Monday-Friday. One of our technicians will record a history while you fill out a quick drop-off form. Our doctor will examine your pet and contact you by phone with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dental Care

Good dental care is as important for your pet as it is for you. Proper dental care not only prevents bad breath and periodontal disease, but also prevents infection spreading through the blood stream to your pets’ liver, kidneys, and heart. This bacterial shower can lead to permanent organ damage. All dental services are performed with appropriate pain control to ensure the comfort of your pet.

-Ultrasonic Cleaning



-Oravet Set Application

Emergency Services

It is important to us that your pets have access to the best care possible 24 hours a day. We now offer emergency services seven days a week until 10 p.m. for our clients. We have also affiliated ourselves with Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center, the 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital in the Rogue Valley. You contact them by calling (541) 282-7711 if your emergency falls outside of our emergency hours.

Ambulatory Service and Home Visits

Since so many of our customers have difficulty acquiring transportation for themselves and their pets, we offer limited ambulatory service and scheduled home visits.